No Micropython On my new Faces?

  • I just received my new Faces M5stack from Amazon. There is no Micropython or REPL on it. Should I send it back? Or how do I install it. I see no firmware for Faces on M5burner.

  • Yes, you have to install the UIFlow firmware through M5Burner.

  • Where is the REPL micropython for faces? I sure couldn't find it on M5burner. See my post. I had to hack the firmware and M5burner App in order to install it.

  • Maybe my response comes like 'mustard after the meal' but anyhow. I just got a FACES set delivered. Using the M5Burner I flashed the latest UIFlow firmware.
    Using the Thonny app (under MS Windows 11) I was able to use REPL.