Move the screen position of the "TFT_Meter_linear" example

  • Hi,
    in the Arduino IDE working with an M5Stack Grey I have reduced the size of the meter to 0.65
    // Define meter size as 1 for M5.Lcd.rotation(0) or 1.3333 for M5.Lcd.rotation(1)
    #define M_SIZE 0.65

    this gives me approx the correct size, however, I would like to move the meter from the top left of the screen to the bottom right. ideally, I would like to pass the XY to it.

    Ultimately I would like two 0.65 meters on the screen at the same time. bottom left and bottom right.

    I thought the parameters below would do this but alas they do not!
    float ltx = 0; // Saved x coord of bottom of needle
    uint16_t osx = M_SIZE * 120, osy = M_SIZE * 120; // Saved x & y coords

    any advice would be most welcome!