Core 2 and COMMU

  • @felmue Yes, thanks that was it :-)
    So basically you compile & upload your sketch, you wait until the "...." appears, you press the button and then the upload works.
    Thanks again.

  • Hello @ChrisZang

    glad to hear you got it working.

    @TLS : thank you for figuring out the issue and letting us know.


  • @chriszang and one more thing that I just learned:
    The GPIO for the CS Pin for the mcp2515 is 27 (not 12 as the documentation says).
    If you want to initialize the mcp2515 in the COMMU do this:

    MCP2515 CAN0(27); // (mcp2515 library)
    MCP_CAN CAN0(27); // (mcp_can library)

  • @chriszang and another update.
    So I am happily working on my CAN receiver sketch and just noticed that I forgot to press the button that grounds INT-output of the mc2515 but the upload still worked. Gave it another try (w/o pressing the button) and it's still working - weird.
    Then I swapped this COMMU module for my 2nd COMMU Module and here the upload doesn't work.
    My explanation is that the grounding of the mcp2515 INT-output basically created a short circuit in the transistor that controls this pin and eventually burned it out. Not a big problem for me as
    a) I am not using interrupts in my sketch
    b) I have a 2nd COMMU unit
    I just wanted to warn you guys that grounding the INT output has unintended consequences.