M5Core2 and Encoder Face

  • Hi,

    I got my Core2 together with the rotary encoder face a few days ago. Been tinkering with it for a while, but I cant't seem to read anything from the encoder nor can i set state of the leds on the ring.

    I found the example for the core(1) and tried to adapt it. Here's what I got so far: https://pastebin.com/pkt7J6aB

    I just added the M5.Lcd.fillScreen(0) and setCursor(0, 0) to clear the screen after 15 lines a few minutes ago and realized that the Core prints "encoder: 0 dir: ccw button: 0" on the first line after blanking the screen and "encoder: 1 dir: ccw button: 0" on all 14 subsequent lines. This leads me to believe I'm either writing to/reading from the wrong i2c address or maybe even to the wrong i2c port.