** [IMPORTANT] Read before posting a report! **

  • Hey all,

    In order for us to help you better we would like to create a certain template that you guys can refer to when posting a question.

    You don't have to follow this exact template rules but please make sure to include as much information when you're posting a question so we could help to resolve the issue as quick as possible.

    Question should have the following pin points:

    • What device are you using? mention the device type, purchase date can be useful as well.
    • What firmware are you using? how did you burn the firmware into the device?
    • Version of UIFlow you are using
    • Steps to re-production of the issue so we could test it as well
    • If it's network / connection issue please make sure to state the country, might be CDN issue or servers issues.
    • Example code if you have one, what you are trying to run so we could re-produce it. When you post your code, make sure to format it properly so we could read it. another option will be to upload it to a website like pastebin.com so we could read it properly.

    Thank you all for the support!