New to the stacks. Need Firmware Help

  • So I purchased a M5stack core 1, when I booted it up it says M5 stack and then runs through some diagnostics. I downloaded and installed the driver and m5 burner. Downloaded the latest version of the core 1 software changed the baud rate to 921600 and first tried to erase what was on the M5 now. It says connecting but just reboots the M5 over and over. So I tried to install the new firmware and same thing. It keeps rebooting and eventually the burner times out. Then the M5 will reboot and run through it's diagnostic cycle all the way like before.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hi Ronin, could you kindly provide me some extra information such as what version of UIFlow have you burned into the device, what version of the burner have you used and are you sure you burned the right firmware suitable for your device? i.e didn't accidentally use M5Stick-C firmware on M5Core.