M5Stack PM2.5 module

  • I have an issue with PM2.5 module, It was working well and gives reading values of hundreds or thousands of 0.3 particles and others.

    Here is when it was working just fine:


    But now it starts with values around one hundred and then goes to decrease all PM values until all of them got Zeros in a few seconds while the values of the humidity and temperature are correct all the way.

    Here is where it starts now:


    And here is what it be after less than a minute:


    Have any one got a same issue? and how he solved it if there is.

    Keep in mind that I have tested the module with another Basic Core and used both of the code in the Arduino M5Stack examples and the appropriate EasyLoader "EasyLoader_PM2.5_APPLICATION" from M5Stack official website and still getting the same issue.