m5stack Fire accident

  • I am a newby and wanted to upgrade the firmware of my m5stack fire. I downloaded the burner tool on osx, there i was connected to the usb port and did not see any buttons to upgrade the firmware. Then i accidently hit the erase button. And than , the bootloader was erased. Any idea to get it up and running with the Original stock software again? Or did i bricked it? In Windows i connected after this accident and showed the serial terminal showing
    flash read error 1000, and rst: 0x10, boot 0x17 ets_main .c 317

  • Click on the image of the core, and then click on the firmware for the fire to download to you computer.
    Once the firmware is downloaded you can then flash the firmware to the fire by clicking the burn button.

    Its very hard to brick the M5Stack cores.

  • Thanks a lot, I was almost there! I tried the UIflow firmware. The configuration button gave me an error. The burn asked me to connect to wifi. I asumed that it was the wifi of the m5, but thought that it would not work because the core was without OS. After your suggestion I unboxed the Core again (it was ready to send it back ;-) And now up and running again. Many thx ;-) Hopefully after the update the env II sensor wil work now. Because there the troubles started. Out of the box it did not work. Now i will retry.