Which M5Stack Gray hardware revision do I have?

  • Hi there

    I am wondering if it is possible to figure out exactly which M5Stack Gray hardware revision I have.
    According to the Quick Start guide some hardware changes have been made over time:

    • 2017.9 Initial public release
    • 2017.12 MPU6050+MAG3110 changed to MPU9250
    • 2019.6 MPU9250 changed to MPU6886+BMM150
    • 2019.7 TN screen changed to IPS screen
    • 2020.3 Battery capacity changed from 150mAh to 110mAh

    Here is what I know about my unit:

    • bought from a local dealer on July 2020
    • board reads: 2018.3
    • IP5306 can be controlled via I2C
    • MPU6886 and BMM150 included on daughter board
    • IPS screen (I guess as it is quite good, but I have nothing to compare about)
    • battery reads: 150mAh

    Assuming I am correct about the IPS screen that would put my unit between 2019.7 and 2020.3.

    Are there any other indicators that would tell me more about my unit?

    • For instance, are there newer boards than 2018.3 out there?
    • Are MPU6886 and BMM150 integrated on newer boards (assuming they exist)?
    • Is there a specific schematic for the M5Stack Gray (including MPU6886 and BMM150)? The only schematic I found so far is for M5Stack Basic Core (and w/o MPU6886 or BMM150)