Page turner for sheet music on an iPad

  • Project target: a simple page turner that can work with sheet music apps like PiaScore and mor on an iPad mini 2.

    Why: my sister in law was searching for a simple pag turner with the options to see for more features for the band. By connecting more page turners in groups.(not yet implemented)


    • needs to work with ipad mini 2
    • needs to be wireless
    • needs to work on a battery charge for 1 hour at least (Test run for 1 hour and 15 min)
    • about 200 page turns (800 tested)

    Things used:
    M5stack Atom Lite
    M5stack tailbat
    2 footswitches
    Small piece of pcb
    And 2 small cables with connectors
    And a 3d printed case.

    I’m writing the steps from the download the setup of the software (on windows) coming soon!!



    I did not use the 2 button option via the groove connector.
    Because of the voltage split. It will consume a small bit of current. But everything i could save is for the battery livespan.
    So the esp is running at 160Mhz and not 240. I tried 80, but the consummed current was below the 50mA and the tailbat will turn off after 30 sec.

    This was the initial pcb for testing.

    But because i only need 3 pins i made a new one. ( post will be updated later)

  • Very nice, look forward to the full writeup