Pin Header and Sockets: Part-Numbers

  • Hello,

    does someone know the manufacturers and the part numbers for the sockets and headers? I read that they may be from samtec, but I did not find sockets with a 2.54mm pitch and 2.2mm profile(height)

    Could someone tell me where to get theme.

    Thanks a lot.

    Best Regards, Seppel

  • @seppel as far as I am aware they are custom sized.
    if you are talking about the internal bus connector then
    alt text

  • Hello,

    I highly doubt that, all M5Stack likes to do is:

    1. Buy overpriced connectors
    2. Limit the “openness” and control the marked of modules

    I love the idea and package of the M5Stack, but the connectors are just stupid, require high forces, difficult to find, … .

    Maybe I will use other very common low-profile types, do it in FreeCAD, and KiCAD so we can get rid of that nonsense connectors for 3rd Party and custom modules.

    Best Regards, Seppel

  • Hello,

    Does anyone find a solution to this?
    I am ordering a circuit at PCBway but they can't order components at M5stack, and I do not find male header anywhere.

    It looks like it is a SAMTEC connector (low profile), see picture.

    But lead style A is 3.05mm (pin height), mesuring the one I have is 2.5mm.
    Not sure 3mm will fit the femelle (too long)?


  • I ask M5stack support, here is their answer:

    "The 30-Pin connector we are using is a customized one. The pin height with 3mm is no problem to be compatible."