Bitcoin / Multi Crypto Coin Ticker with 24 candlesticks chart

  • Hi everyboy,

    I made good progress with a Crypto Coin Price Ticker which I have modified and enhanced to use with the M5Stack.

    The original core of the code was from a github users project
    I ported it to M5, added some new features and design changings and now I want to share my resutls to all of you who wants a nice price ticker to track your favorite crypto pairs easily.

    download project:
    in general, read the info at the beginning to get it working with all the libraries and the SPIFFS upload
    edit: btw - look at this rise in btc from march to august..

    4_1585504805982_IMG_6.jpg 2_1585504805981_IMG_4.jpg

  • @frittna
    can you made the green frame to blue?The default icon is blue.

  • it's the inverted original.. have you tried it on your M5? Then you can easely change it to any color you like in paint or use the bright original one m5_logo.png instead of m5_logo_dark.png, it is included like all other files you will need to compile it. I just like green.

  • @frittna hi -- i know this post is about 6 months old but i just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this!!! i have been looking for something EXACTLY like this, only this is much better in some ways than what i had in mind.

    i do have one question for you -- which product from the M5Stack store do i need to purchase to have this fully functioning? is it the ESP32 Basic Core IoT Dev Kit? or the ESP32 Grey Dev Kit? the Core2 ESP32?

    I am just curious as to what the cheapest option is without sacrificing any functionality. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  • @frittna i just noticed in the pics that the one you're using has the black frame which would lead me to believe that the ESP32 Basic Core IoT Dev Kit will be sufficient, yes?

  • @op8 sorry for the late reply, thank you very much, i still love it to watch the price on it. The M5 core is the regular black framed M5-core and the bottom is the M5GO/FIRE Battery Bottom Charging Base SKU:A014 from this M5-Stack-Shop (do not forget to buy the chargning base plate as i did, these are 2 seperate items to buy) It has the rgb-led strip built-in but it is only barely used in my code.. My Intention was to show major price movements with red/green flashing lights (and sounds) for example. Unfortunately i did not implement more functions since then.
    A little problem i have experienced is the wake-up behavour on usb-cable because with the battery base it behaves different as it is with standart battery back. But this can be solved in the code if you change the settings at //Power Settings

  • sorry -- i just now saw your reply! but thank you for responding and for the input! i just ordered the items needed, looking forward to putting this all together

  • Anyone successfully got this running on M5 Core 2?

  • @innovationsmaker no i don't have the new Core2 version or know further details but i guess it will need only minor adjustments..
    I hope someone will try it out and post the results. Would be interesting for all other existing apps too..