M5Stack ESP32 revision

  • I am new to the M5Stack, and before purchasing it, I would like to know which ESP32 revision is soldered on the PCB.

  • @daniot Hi DanioT,

    Two different Espressif ESP32 chips are used in the current line-up of M5Stack models.

    The more recent model with PSRAM and MPU9250 use the Expressif ESP32-DOWDQ6 WROVER SoC with two cores, 4 Mb PSRAM & 4 Mb SPI flash !

    I am not sure about the other model - may be ESP-WROOM-32 or variant thereof.

    I have both - both are good. Nice to have the MPU9250 and PSRAM though..... for more flexibility.

  • @jimit what's the benefit of the 4MB PSRAM?

  • @daslolo

    Expanded capability - now and in future.

    Main use now would be MicroPython, which benefits from the extra memory. But it has also been utilised to run Doom on the M5Stack.... Also, some amount (?) of PSRAM is required to run the just released ESP-ADF (ESP Audio Development Framework).

    There are probably other applications too. Anyone else got any examples where the PSRAM is utilised ??

    AFAIK - You need to use ESP-IDF or Platformio to use it.

  • Good stuff, so I can be sure the m5's chip revision is 1 and not 0, or?

  • @daniot
    If you get the model with 4 Mb PSRAM & MPU9250 then you will have the latest chip available at this time in the M5Stack range - the Expressif ESP32-DOWDQ6 WROVER.

    So if I run a code test to verify the CHIP REVISION number on my "M5Stack with 4Mb PSRAM" , the test reports - "Chip Rev 1".

    So if you get that model, you can be sure its Rev 1.

    0_1523297824966_System Info.png

  • @jimit sounds good! thank you.