M5stick frequently disconnected

  • Hi, dear UIFlow users

    I purchased a M5stick a few weeks ago, and was able to have fun programming it with UIFlow. So I thought I would use these things for workshops with kids, and I bought some more M5Stick. Then I used M5 burner to get them ready
    Unfortunately, when I try to "Run" the code, UIFlow usually says the stick is disconnected. Every 3, 6 or 10 times it does upload the code though. That is very annoying...
    I tried many sticks, many version (both firmware and UIFlow)...with no luck
    The sticks do connect to my wifi network, I can ping them
    If someone had hints/clues/... it would be great !

  • If this is more apparent on Saturdays and sundays, it is down to server overload. This happens quite regularly

  • I noticed that today...maybe 11:11 is as busy as a week end?!
    Is there a way to install a private server (local or remote)?

  • M5Stack

    Hi @Ariane98 just to confirm are your devices M5StickC or original M5Stick(monochrome oled version), Are you having issues with the Uiflow offline version? and what version of the firmware are you running?

  • @lukasmaximus


    It's somewhat better today, but I still have to try 3 times before it connects/uploads
    It's the orange stick M5StickC
    I tried firmware 1.4.0 and 1.4.1
    I did not try offline UIFlow yet

  • M5Stack

    Recently we are having more issues due to increased activity, Last time I heard we only have one server in Singapore, but we are working on getting hosted in more countries. You can try the offline version here https://m5stack.com/pages/download make sure to put your m5stickC into usb mode by pressing the m5 button on reboot and using the right hand side button to scroll through the menus into setup, then choose usb mode from the list

  • I guess the USB thing is only for offline version ? (I've never used it before)

  • @ariane98 Yes, for off line programming.