M5Stack serious WiFi Failures !!

  • @drwino M5Stack - Model Differences: Grey vs Black

    Apart from the MPU-9250 providing the 9dof, the only other major difference is the addition of 4 Mb PSRAM in the grey model.

    The chips in both models are ESP32 Revision 1.

    Both models I checked are running the same SDK version.

  • I think the way Arduino Ide compile the project might be the problem. Just as a small observation, the same code compile at least 4 times faster on PlatformIO than on Arduino "IDE"

    I call it "IDE" because that's more like a text editor than a real IDE. Even Notepad++ have more coding related features than Arduino "IDE".

    Arduino Wiring framework is OK. Arduino "IDE" (text editor) not so much.

  • @drwino @calin
    This link is worth a read. Click link...Go to page 2 - see text in red titled - "Until now there was no problem, suddenly ceased to be connected to Wi-Fi (WiFi)"


  • @jimit Hm... you might be right on this one... There might be a power related issue... since ESP's are very sensitive to power fluctuations.
    Here is a study of the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wf_msvWv1jk&t=632s

    Regarding the example you mentioned in the post above, here is a version adapted to latest IDF using M5Stack button functions: https://github.com/botofancalin/M5StackLight_OnOff

  • @calin Well it seems there are a few possibilities... Hopefully Dr Wino can pin it down to one.

    Wow - a blast from the past! That was one of the first vids I saw on these ESP things some time ago now.... Nice idea to make an IDF version of the Light on/off sketch.

  • @jimit 在 M5Stack serious WiFi Failures !! 中说:

    Nice idea to make an IDF version of the Light on/off sketch.

    Is not esp-idf... is Arduino-IDF code on PlatformIO using M5Stack library

  • @calin Ah.. i was wondering about that. I am interested to move over to using PlatformIO... Maybe this week.

    Oh and CONGRATULATIONS on your now award winning MultiApp software. Great effort that !!

  • I read the all the suggestions in this blog but I cannot get the M5Stack to connect reliably. It will connect sometimes. Different M5Stacks may or may not connect. Some may connect in a different location. ESP32 is becoming a big waste of time and I am giving up on the M5Stack/ESP32 as useless. Which is surprising as an IOT device it should be at least able to connect. In other irritations the ADCs are kind of useless and noisy. I tried to use ADS1015 over I2C but it fails after some random number of hours. The M5Stack is useless for battery operations as the display takes about 160mA and there is no way to turn it off and on.

    M5Stack -> trash box.

  • I always end up replying to myself ! Anyway, here is the latest - maybe it can help someone or get some ideas. I decided to remove the BOTTOM and try again. The power is only from the USB to the PC or USB power supply. Now the same M5Stack connects every time ! Maybe the battery is somehow not letting it reset properly for the next connection. Using just the bare PROTO board also works fine. Next step is to try the ADS1015 over I2C and see if that is OK. Interesting.
    Still looking for ideas to conserve battery power.

  • @drwino To conserve battery power you can try disable backlight on lcd with :

    update: I just tested this:
    backlight almost disabled and nothing on screen.
    so better is just set backlight to zero.

  • Hi, I had the same problem as you, my M5stack did not connect or crash if you did it by force, for cons I solved my problem by installing a new firmware and changing USB port, I was on a HUB and now I'm using a USB port on my PC

    Link of the firmware : https://github.com/botofancalin/M5Stack-MultiApp-Advanced

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