M5StickC usb driver and Catalina

  • Hello,
    I worked with a M5Stack, Arduino 1.8.x and MacOS Mojave and every thing with USB was fine.

    I updated to MacOS Catalina and updated Arduino to version 1.8.10. Every with USB for my M5Stack was fine, too. If I check the USB driver I can see:

    $ ls /dev/tty.*

    If I like to flash my M5Stick-C and I connected it, I can see only this:

    $ ls /dev/tty.*

    With the old and the new Arduino-version the "tty.usbserial-9D5AE08545"-driver did not work. Arduino needs a "SLAB_USBtoUART"-driver.

    What can I do?

    Yes, I know today Catalina is a beta-version, but it will released shortly.

  • What do you mean by does not work the newer gen stick versions only have the number string and work ok but then my OS X is about a year old

  • There known bugs in Catalina.
    Try using the Arduino beta. it "should" work, ...... sometimes. :-(

  • M5Stack

    We don't have a Mac with Catalina on in the office to test, so I think it may take a while before our software supports it.

  • @sheepdog

    Catalina unable to drive temporarily. Use VM or BOOTCAMP

  • +1 to this issue. I'm unable to flash to any of my M5StickC's at the moment on Catalina, but can flash to my M5 Camera strangely...