Drying machine , Humidity switch-off

  • Hello M5Stack Freaks,
    I would like to change the following program (https://github.com/m5stack/M5Stack/blob/master/examples/Unit/ENV/ENV.ino) so that if the humidity does not change for more than one hour, a relay switches off the dryer.
    It doesn't have to be real time - the rtc from the M5Stack is enough.
    Can also count each time anew, important is to me only that if after one hour the humidity has not changed a Relai at the M5Stack switches off the automatic dryer!

    Who can help me at short notice how and what I have to build into the code!

    I only need a simple counter that compares the value after one hour with the value before one hour more not !!

    Greetings skink

    P.S. I own the M5Stack Fire, the ENV unit and the relay unit!