GPS Module with Baidoo, Galileo and Glonass

  • Hi guys,

    your GPS - shield applies a Neo M8N receiver. According to the data sheet its supports not just GPS but other satellite systems (Galileo, Baidoo, etc.) too. Did you configure it for GPS use only? I received the module in combination with a GPS only antenna (1575.42 MHz). Would it be possible to you the ublox tools to reconfigure the system, for instance for a RTK mode?

    By the way ... many thanks for the m5stack system, it allows us to realize first prototypes very fast!

    Best wishes


  • M5Stack

    Hi @Sebastian If it is possible I doubt we have documentation on using those satellite systems. Rick Macdonald of has a lot of knowledge on this subject. I suggested you drop him an email, He's very open to share