Please allow jtag or jtag over usb on next version

  • The current M5Stack module is excellent other than the the fact that it does not support jtag.

    This major omission reduces its usability for anything but the most trival applications.

    I am sure there is another pin which could be used for the lcd chip select.



  • I don’t understand why you would want jtag when you can program OTA, USB and UART

  • I find JTAG great for real time debugging with H/W breakpoints and variable watching, its also fast. I think its fine it has the other methods also, however its would be good to have JTAG availiable. Even better would be using a dual channel USB chip which could handle JTAG without the seperate programmer like the WROVER DevKit.

    All the pins other then GPIO14 are availiable, however for some reason it was used for LCD CS on the M5Stack rendering JTAG unuseable.

  • Agree, vote plus 1 for JTAG.. Sales will definitely increase. M

  • This is a major omission from the M5Stack's capabilities.
    No JTAG debugging, what were they thinking?

  • @rleinfellner
    Wouldn’t you want the JTAG scan path clear for automated factory testing?